We ship preprinted and blank bags within 3 days.  Custom printed bags are shipped within 10 days.


EcoSpun® Bags

Our bag is made from post-consumer, recycled soda bottles made into fiber developed by Foss, Inc. and each comes tagged with the certification of Scientific Certification Systems (the U.S. leader in evaluating environmental claims) as the standard by which all other recycled fibers will be judged. Foss collects used plastic soda bottles, shreds them, then melts the chips and spins the result into a fiber which is then woven into cloth.

The Cloth Bag Co. takes this material (which is 5 times as expensive as cotton) and sews it into bags, creating an opportunity for you to help reduce overflowing landfills by making the ecologically correct choice to use a EcoSpun® bag whenever you shop. These naturally white bags are machine washable with no shrinkage.

EcoSpun® is a registered trademark of Foss. Inc

Bag Sizes

EcoSpun Bag measures 12” wide and 15” tall with 6” side gussets

EcoSpun® Facts

  1. EcoSpun® Bag is 12" wide, 15" tall with 5" sides.

  2. Each EcoSpun® bag keeps five 2-liter plastic bottles from ending up in a landfill.

  3. 8 billion bottles were kept out of landfills in just 2 years of recycling by Wellman, saving 1.3 million barrels of oil and eliminating 749,000 tons of harmful emissions.

  4. Just 1 year's worth of these recycled bottles represents enough energy to power a city the size of Pasadena, CA for an entire year.

  5. Help the environment by carrying a bag made from trashed soda bottles which would otherwise end up in a landfill.