We ship preprinted and blank bags within 3 days.  Custom printed bags are shipped within 10 days.


Why Cloth Bags?

Reusable shopping bags provide a simple and affordable way for you to make an environmental difference.
According to supermarket industry estimates, the average consumer uses 500 disposable paper and plastic bags a year. That's only from grocery stores. Add in other store visits and one person can easily throw away over 1,000 bags a year. Grocery bags can not be made from recycled paper. Plastic bags are a product of the petroleum industry, a non-renewable substance with a lot of production problems. Very few plastic bags are actually recycled. Plastic bags end up choking our landfills, eventually breaking down into tiny toxic bits. Reusable cloth shopping bags make an environmental difference.
Choose from our 100% cotton or 100% recycled soda bottle fabrics.

About The Cloth Bag Co.
In the spring of 1989 we began manufacturing and selling cotton bags for $4.25 each in quantities of 500. Since then we have dropped our prices three times. How? Overwhelming sales have let us buy larger amounts of fabric which, combined with more efficient cutting, sewing and printing have lowered our costs. This savings we have passed on to you. In 1996, we again kept our prices the same as cotton prices crept up. We did need to increase the freight charges, but these are still lower than the actual UPS cost. There is no minimum order required.

About The Market
Reusable Cloth Shopping Bags have finally gained acceptance by mainstream America, even becoming a status symbol in some neighborhoods. What began as a way for environmentally aware shoppers to contribute just a bit towards the reduction of waste is now being encouraged by all major grocery stores. Across America, stores are urging shoppers to bring their own bags, often by giving a few cents credit for each bag used. Most stores even sell Reusable Shopping Bags.

About Our Bags
Our bags are made here in Georgia from unbleached fabrics. In addition to heavy, ten ounce canvas, we now use a material made entirely from EcoSpun®, 100% post-consumer recycled soda bottles. All bags are stitched down each side to create gussets allowing the bag to be folded flat, like a paper bag. The bottom is sewn square so the bag will sit flat. Handles are made from tough cotton webbing and are securely attached so the bags will easily hold 40 pounds. Of course all bags are machine washable. We now print up to four colors.

About Shoppers
A lot of shoppers tell us they first tried string bags but have switched to cloth bags. While they liked the compactness of string bags, most shoppers find canvas bags much stronger, easier to pack and to carry. Originally purchased to carry home groceries, many people routinely carry their bags everywhere, from the hardware store to the video store to the library.

Thank you for your interest in reusable shopping bags.


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All Our Bags: Cotton & EcoSpun®

Printed & Shipped within 10 days

Hold 40 lbs.

Have gusseted sides and a flat bottom.

Fold Flat (unlike many cloth bags)

Made with No Bleach or Dyes

Lock Stitched Sewn, so threads won't unravel

Machine Washable

Made in the USA

No Minimum Order.........Ever