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Need Reusable cloth shopping bags to carry grocery items and be environmentally and eco-sensible?

We manufacture reusable cloth tote bags from unbleached, 100% cotton canvas. All of our bags are made in Villa Rica, GA, USA and can be purchased blank, with recycling messages or printed with your company logo.

Paper or plastic?

It is a question that has long bothered grocery shoppers. But the debate is over. The wise choice is to use reusable cloth bags for everyday shopping, from the grocery store to the hardware store to the library.

Plastic bags are made from nonrenewable petroleum and require the use of toxic resources during production and processing. It takes more than 1,000 years to biodegrade, which means that most of the plastic we've ever manufactured is still around. Plastics production produces 14% of toxic air emissions in the United States.

Bags from paper have problems also, Every year nearly 900,000,000 trees are cut down to provide raw materials for American paper and pulp mills. Contributing to this figure are the 10 billion brown paper grocery bags used annually in supermarkets across the country. Unfortunately, brown paper grocery bags can not be made from recycled paper because it is simply not strong enough. Living trees must be cut down for all paper bags. Paper mills are also one of the biggest polluters of air, water and land of any manufacturing industry in the country.

The smart choice!

Carry reusable cloth bags for everyday shopping. This is an easy and practical daily choice, the hardest part is remembering to take cloth bags with you to the store. Practice helps, and so does leaving a set with your vehicle at all times. Most households use ten bags per week. If each American household used two fewer bags per week, we could prevent the needless destruction of nine million trees every year.

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